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Mr. Kool Air Conditioning is an Australian owned Melbourne based company with expertise in supplying and split system installation, Air Conditioning Repairing, Melbourne refrigerated air conditioners to meet your requirements. If you prefer to buy your own unit, we can install it at a very reasonable price. If you’re looking for one of the best trusted companies for air conditioning installation Melbourne then don’t look any further than Mr. Kool Air Conditioning. We also provide regular maintenance for your existing Air Conditioner. Air conditioning not only provides warm and cool air, it also cleans the air and helps control the moisture level in your home. A well maintained air conditioner will run more efficiently, saving you money. We are also offering Air conditioning system prices in Melbourne, Home air conditioner in Melbourne, Split air conditioner installation, split system installation , ducted Heating and cooling units in Melbourne, Air conditioning service Melbourne, Air conditioning Repairs in Melbourne, Air conditioning installation Service Melbourne, Ducted Heating Melbourne.

We are fully licensed by The Australian Refrigeration Council and The Plumbing Industry Commission of Victoria with all insurances. We also have ARCTICK authorisation from the Australian Refrigeration Council and have many years of experience installing split system air conditioners. As a Registered Electrical Contractor with vast experience in the electrical trade, we also wire and connect your unit to Australian Standards (AS3000) wiring requirements. This means that your air conditioner will be fully installed and working on the same day. No waiting around for days for the electrician to arrive.

Compliance Certificates and Safety Certificates are also provided to cover manufactures warranties. Our installation prices are very competitive and all our work is guaranteed.

Whether you are after cooling in summer, or heating for winter, we provide the unit to meet your requirements and help keep the weather out.

We do domestic as well as commercial installations to your requirements.

We supply and fit all the popular brands available and will recommend sizing for your house or office to suit the area you need air conditioned or heated. If you require a free quote or more information for your air conditioning needs, please ring and talk with one of our qualified installers today. We cover all the Melbourne metropolitan area as well as areas to the north of Melbourne including The North Central area of Victoria.

Selecting the correct size unit and its position in your house.

The most common residential split system air conditioner is made up of two units. An outside unit, the condensor, and an inside air outlet unit, the head unit. The two units are connected by pipes that carry refrigerant. A split system air conditioner can be used for cooling your house in summer and also excellent for heating your house in winter.

The spilt system air conditioner can be used for cooling or heating a single room or a larger area depending on the size of the unit chosen.

Most split system air conditioner now are inverter type s with a DC motor that make the operation of the unit very economical.

The size of the unit required depends on the size of the area you want air conditioned and our licensed installer will advise you of the correct size unit for the area. The position of the indoor and outdoor units is also very important and the licensed installer will make recommendations for the position of these units with your preferences in mind.

The two units also disperse condensation through a condensate drain. The location of this condensate drain is important and should be discussed with our licensed installer before installation. In some cases a condensate pump may be required to remove the condensation.

There are several different installation methods that may be required which are listed below.

Standard Single Storey Back to Back Split System Installation.

A standard back to back installation of your split system air conditioner is where the the indoor head unit is mounted on the internal wall directly adjacent to the outdoor condenser unit, usually within 3 metres.

The indoor head unit is securely fixed to the wall and the outdoor condenser unit will stand on a hard pvc mounting slab or 2 hard pvc feet sitting on the ground which raise the condenser above the ground and away from rain water etc which may damage the unit.

A wall mounted bracket can also used for mounting the condenser unit, but it may incur extra cost.

A Single Storey Installation Where The Two Units Are Further Apart.

You may not want the outdoor condenser unit installed in a location where it is visible, or in an area that is used in summer for outdoor entertaining. In this case the condenser unit should be installed on the blind side of your house out of sight. This can be done easily but an extra cost may be incurred due to extra piping, ducting and electrical cables. Please discuss this with our licensed installer, who will help you with the location you prefer. Again the outdoor condenser unit will be mounted on a hard pvc mounting slab, or 2 hard pvc mounting feet or mounted on the outside wall using a wall bracket.

A Single Storey Installation Where The Outdoor Unit Is Roof Mounted.

There may be no other option than to have the outdoor condenser unit mounted on to the roof of your house. This can be done be using a roof bracket supplied by us. This can be achieved by mounting a roof bracket to your roofing material and then attaching the outdoor condenser unit to this bracket. The best position for the outdoor condenser unit to be located would be towards the rear of your house out of sight from the street. An extra cost may be incurred for the roof bracket and lifting the condenser unit onto your roof.

A Standard Double Storey Split System Installation.

A standard 2 storey installation of your split system air conditioner is the same as a single storey back to back installation.

A wall mounted bracket can be used or the mounting of the condenser unit or the hard pvc slab or hard pvc feet can be used for mounting on the ground. Extra cost may be incurred due to the length of the distance between the two units and the wall bracket. The roof can also be used to mount the outdoor condenser unit as described previously.

What Is Included In A Standard Installation.

  • Up to 5 metres of pvc ducting to conceal the piping and electrical cables. Greater distance may incur more cost.
  • Two hard pvc mounting feet.
  • Up to 20 metres of electrical cable run back to the main switchboard (The switchboard will need to checked for electrical capacity and room for another circuit breaker)
  • A weatherproof isolating switch mounted adjacent to the outdoor condenser unit.
  • The condensate drain ( A condensate pump may be required if the indoor head unit is mounted on an internal wall) at extra cost.
  • An Electrical Safety Certificate from Enery Safe Vic to ensure the electrical installation work complies with current rules.
  • A Certificate of Compliance from the Plumbing Commission for the installation of the plumbing work. (Vic and ACT)
  • A tax invoice/receipt upon full payment.
  • These compliance certificates and the receipt will be needed by you to cover the manufactures warranty conditions.
  • Periodic Servicing For Your Split System.
  • Periodic servicing of your split system air conditioner is very important and any repairs required can be arranged through us as well

Additional Costs May Apply

. Extra piping.
. A Hard PVC slab if required
. Wall or roof brackets
. Switchboard upgrade
. Installations in double storey houses

For more advanced and ducted heating melbourne or if you have any queries regarding installations please call 0418542566 for advice from our professional and fully licensed installers.

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